Working out the Kinks

???????????????????????????????We spent the day working out the kinks in our research Plan.  Discovered that waterproof paper wasn’t so waterproof and that laying down transect lines presented more challenges than we imagined!  Tomorrow we collect our first round of data.

The internet here is incredibly slow and often unavailable….we will do our best to keep blogging….but don’t worry if we aren’t active on this site!  Rest assured that we are active and doing well!??????????????????????  Above is a white-spotted file fish – a new species for us all!


One thought on “Working out the Kinks

  1. Aunt Shelly says:

    I was wondering why there wasn’t blog last night! At least you got to see a spoted file fish, thats cool looking, its definitely my fiirst to! 🙂 you all look as if you’re having fun in the sun! Love ya Ash

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