How much can we do on our last day?

With the sad, certain knowledge that today was our last day, the group decided to pack in as much as possible!  If we had to go home, we would go home having experienced as much as possible.  Unfortunately the Unitarians that were sharing the field station for the night decided to sing, loudly and somewhat off key until 10 p.m. Saturday night.  We will never be able to listen to American Pie or Sound of Silence again!

Most of us arose at 5:00 for a last sunrise hike.  We were glad to have VIERS volunteers John and Pam join us for our silent walk in the moonlight and our quiet witness to the changing of the guard – moonset and sunrise!

waiting for the sun. small 1

The first hints of red in the sky were such a welcomed sight!


This sunrise was different than our first – a quiet change to red then back to gray and then a magnificent burst of color.  We could probably watch sunrises here everyday of the year and never see the same one twice!

cactus and sunrise small

We gathered for one last picture in the early morning rays.


And we headed back down the trail – though it was hard to leave, particularly for the seniors Sarah and Kristin!

Sarah and Kristin sunrise small

But the beautiful color on the mountains and blue cobblestone soothed our heavy hearts on this our last day.

blue cobble golden in sunrise small

With a good breakfast in our bellies we headed back down the muddy road finishing our 4th beach clean-up at Little Lameshur.  We definitely left St. John a bit cleaner and have a new sense of trash!

mudholes and walkiing small

???????????????????????????????After lunch we had a rousing game of volleyball – keeping that orange ball alive for 25 hits was an accomplishment.

volleyball 7 small

Our last daylight snorkel was the wild point of Yawzi….Down a cactus lined trail we found our entry point.

Trail to Yawzi. small

And gathered for a last picture in the water and some data collection!

snorkelers above small

Natalie and Brittany collecting data small

And we found the tunnel – 15 feet below the ocean’s surface and 6 feet long….a challenge some of us decided to conquer!  Amy claims she is scared and then there she is under the water and through the tunnel!


Back to VIERS for siesta and a rousing game of spoons – such viciousness amongst good friends!



A quick dinner and then many of us headed out to snorkel the Octopus Garden in the dark for our 2nd and last night snorkel.  We started the day at 5:00 a.m. with a silent walk in the moonlight and ended it with a silent walk in the dark to Leinster bay, a 40 minute night snorkel and a quiet walk home….Exhausted we took our last drive back to VIERS – heavy hearts but also a good deal of satisfaction.  We embraced this last day to its fullest!

night snorkeling with fish small


One thought on “How much can we do on our last day?

  1. Shelly Bowman says:

    What a wonderful experience:-) I know you will forever remember this trip! Thanks for the ride, pictures ere wonderful!:-)

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