EcoResorts and Nurse Sharks

???????????????????????????????We were elated by the shift in the beauty of the sky as night moved to day. Once we made our way down Ram’s Head, we wound our way around Salt Pond and found ourselves on the North Shore as the waves smashed into the shores of Drunk Bay. Though Drunk Bay is a curious name for such a place, it is due to the numerous coral sculptures constructed by visitors that resemble figures passed out among the rocky shore. Many of us took this opportunity to work on our journals and collect our thoughts after the long period of silence during the sunrise.

Felicity journaling


A tradition of this trip is to construct our own figures on Drunk Bay and also a communal figure. Caleb made a magnificent rock stack precariously balanced atop a rock and topped with a mummified pufferfish. For this year’s group figure we had to leave our Hollins signature behind.  “Hollins” was spelled out and masterfully constructed by many of us from the various materials found washed up on the beach. Among the construction materials were various pieces of rope, sticks, coral, rocks, and coconut shells.  We proudly posed alongside our creation.


???????????????????????????????Upon our return to VIERS we dined on the most delicious of freshly prepared chocolate chip pancakes. Many of us took a nice reprieve from the morning and awoke feeling as though we were just beginning a new day. After a lovely lunch we headed off to visit Concordia EcoResort, which overlooks Drunk Bay and Saltpond Bay, with Rams Head in between. EcoResorts, unlike traditional resorts, are more environmentally minded. Concordia itself was built to have a small physical footprint on the St. John landscape, while also having a small ecological footprint. As in most places on St. John, Concordia has water catchment systems and solar arrays. The majority of “rooms” are EcoTents, which have a capacity of up to 6 people. The tents are made of a reflective PVC coated cloth, with specially made zip-up windows. The tents are constructed to operate on a 12 volt system powered by a solar array, with the exception of the refrigerator and sometimes an electric cooktop which are tied into the grid to ensure stability of power supply.



As we can see from the photo, the views from the cabins are looking out on a beautiful view. The room that you see on the right of the cabin is the bathroom and the greenhouse-like roof is solar heating the water tank for the warm shower.

We learned many new things about the triumphs and challenges that come along with attempting to make a resort eco-friendly. Compared to what many think of with a resort, and an eco-resort might be considered roughing it.

Post tour, we explored a new snorkel spot. Kiddel Bay was what Renee and Wilson had described to us a new “sweet spot” for us. Since it was new to everyone. The species diversity was wonderful for everyone. We saw many species, including a nurse shark! It was so cute!



All in all, the day felt like two days, and it was an incredible day thanks to the fact that we say the day begin at rawest part of the day. Everyone is off to bed early and tomorrow is set to be a day full of new and wonderful experiences.


Until tomorrow – Jentry and Felicity


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