Plastic in Paradise

Morning runners reach new heights and pushed boundaries making it 467ft all the way to the top of the Lampshur Bay Trail, and enjoyed a beautiful rainbow while swimming in Big Lampshur.   rainbow small

The day continued after breakfast, driving to North Haulover where we left the island cleaner than when we arrived.

???????????????????????????????  Plastic isn’t biodegradable and is broken into smaller and smaller pieces. Then it is eventually carried by currents and tradewinds deposited onto beaches or ends up in the middle of ocean gyres. The reason North Haulover is so susceptible to such large amounts of plastic waste is its lack of protection from trade winds which are pushing from east to west.

???????????????????????????????  Weighing the trash.  We collected trash for 1 hour and 15 minutes we found over 7900 items (mostly small bits of plastic) weighing 56 pounds. Some of the more interesting pieces we found were: a comb, a toothbrush, Keurig single serve coffee cups, a golf ball, a shot gun shell, ect.


???????????????????????????????  After sweeping the beach clean of plastic everyone was hungry so we headed to Vies Snack shak – for some conch fritters, fried chicken, and Johnny cakes. Yumm. While waiting for our food to be freshly prepared we got to know each other better by playing Two Truths and A Lie.


The rest of our day was spent snorkeling and collecting data at Pelican Rock, South Haulover, and Princess Bay (Mangroves).   Mangroves are in shallow waters and help stabilize shore lines and decrease turbidity by filtering sediment runoff. These areas provide safety and serve as a nursery for fish who later move onto coral reefs once grown and healthy.

Pictured here is a smooth trunkfish and a barracuda.


Written by Natalie Badawy and Samantha Cline




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