Ahoy there! Today, we experienced the life of real Pirates of the Caribbean led by none other than Captain Morgan ( Dr. Wilson) and Commander Renee! We began the day with a strong dosage of Dramamine and a stroll to the dock in Great Lameshur where we boarded the mighty Sadie Sea and took off for an adventure.


Five brave souls ventured to the front of our vessel as look outs for the X marking our booty. Unfortunately, no X was found, however, the fearless five were drenched in plenty of sea water, shiver me timbers! Second mates Natasha and Rory, along with crew hands Caleb, Sam, Natalie, and the rest of the crew survived the perilous journey to Flanagans Rock despite treacherous waters.


Our first stop to look for booty was at Flanagans Rock where we jumped overboard and circled the mighty Rock. No treasure was to be found but we did spot some very colorful fish despite turbid tides and several crew members turning slightly green (all fared well). Before allowed back on the vessel, crew members were initiated to prove themselves worthy of the Captain and Commander’s orders. We fought “perilous” currents around Flanagans Rock and through the gap. We encountered some colorful fire coral along the way but all crew survived initiation unscathed.

Flanagan group snorkel small


French angel fish smallOur next destination was the uncharted Newfound Bay. Several brave souls ventured into this new water which proved to be a very interesting site. Along the way, we came across the beautiful French Angelfish.

Another crew was swimming by our ship in Newfound Bay as well, the majestic Blue Tang. It was a sight to see such diverse wildlife flourish in an area that was highly affected by the bleaching epidemic in 2005. The crew mourned for the lost coral but hoped their clean up efforts will help prevent another bleaching event.


Our 3rd destination in search of buried treasure brought us to the mysterious mangroves of St. John, a place full of life and purity. Many do not realize that the mangroves provide a nursery ground for many of our common reef fish as well as shelter for ships during hurricane season. The mangroves consist of large prop roots from the Red Mangrove trees reaching into the ocean water and creating a protected habitat.

Mangrove roots small ???????????????????????????????During our excursion into the mangroves, we spotted a very tiny Caribbean Reef Squid nestled into the prop roots. Reef Squid are one of many species that matures in the mangroves.

Towards the end of our journey a mutiny occurred aboard the Sadie Sea. All crew were forced the walk the plank into the waters where the infamous Tekktite project occurred in 1969 and 1970. When the crew finally regained control of our ship, we headed homeward into the setting sun, our minds and hearts full of joy and knowledge. Keep a weather eye on that horizon, mates!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Hoist the colors!

Second Mates Natasha and Rory set sail, again!



  1. Chaz Blevins says:

    Awesome Fun!! Keep up the amazing creativity and pics. Captain Milliken your first mate misses you. Have fun and remember if you get lost, second star to the right and straight on till morning.

  2. What a fantastic day! It’s such a treat to leave Richmond for a minute while i read this blog and take in these amazing photos! That squid? It’s eye? crazy! Soak it all in sweet Mae!! Hugs!

  3. Shelly Bowman says:

    Wow, being only in 20’s here in Northern CA it is hard to believe that you girls are in t-shirts and swiming! I wish I could of gone with ya Ash! Lots of love have fun!!! 🙂

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