It’s Waterlemon, not Watermelon!

After our wonderful hike to Rams Head and our snorkel of Blue Cobblestone, we headed back to VIERS for our lunches, and then headed out to Waterlemon to clean up more trash! This was our second beach clean-up, and we found more trash on the way out to Waterlemon than we did by the Lameshur bays. On the way to the snorkeling spot, we also had to stop and perform some emergency starfish rescues, because several had washed up and were stuck in the tide! Our actions apparently influenced some tourists, because a couple even joined in!

???????????????????????????????After the trash pickup and the starfish rescue, we got to go snorkel the grassbeds and colonized bedrock in Waterlemon, where we would be coming back after dinner for our night snorkel. It was really beautiful, and several people got the opportunity to see sea turtles and stingrays! We also saw magnificent feather-duster worms and an extremely well-camouflaged plumed scorpionfish! See if you can find it in the picture below.




Once we had finished snorkeling, we hiked up the hill to Murphy’s house, an old plantation estate ruin where we sat and had dinner before watching the sun set. Dinner was variations on egg Mcmuffins made by the amazing VIERS staff, along with molasses and oatmeal raisin cookies to keep our strength up! We also attached glow-sticks to our snorkel tubes, so that we could all see each other during the night snorkel. After sunset, we walked back down to the beach and got ready for our night snorkel.

The night snorkel was amazing, the fish species we saw were totally different from the species we had seen just hours before, and it was very serene. We got to see many of the nocturnal fish, like squirrelfish and cardinalfish, and we even got to see some extremely large tarpon that were hunting, which was an incredible experience! Heading back in, we had to look for the flashlight that Renee had set up on the beach, because the outlines of shore weren’t clear in the dark. Once we were all back on the beach, we started hiking back to the cars. We hiked silently, and without our flashlights (but the moon was out so it wasn’t completely dark) in preparation for our night hike up to watch the sunrise from Rams Head Point.

Overall, it was a great day, and we definitely got a lot accomplished! In addition to cleaning up a beach, we also got to snorkel three times, including our first night snorkel, and hiked about three and a half miles. We also got to see some beautiful fish and amazing sights!

Signed: Andie and Kristin

p.s – Hi Mom, Dad & Christian! -Andie


6 thoughts on “It’s Waterlemon, not Watermelon!

  1. meaghan keeley says:

    Thanks so for getting this blog together !!! We love to see the gorgeous pics and hear of all the goings on…..big FUN !! Cheers to all and rorobelle.

  2. Carolyn Medina says:

    Great blogging Andie and Kristin! The pics and everything look so magnificient and you all look like you are truly enjoying yourselves. A big shout out and thank you to the professors (Renee)/volunteers for this wonderful opportunity and adventure for the girls. We love and miss you Andie!!! Dad returns home tonight.

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