Hiking and Snorkeling both Day and Night

Our second full day has been and will be full indeed!  We hiked to RamsHead this morning which was followed by a snorkel in Blue  Cobblestone beach.  We are back briefly at the field station for snacks and a short rest and then we are off to Waterlemon where we will clean up another beach, snorkel the grass beds and a small rocky cove and then hike up to Esperance Ruins for a picnic dinner as we watch the sun set!  Then back down the Johnny Horn trail to snorkel those same spots – hoping to get a glimpse of the that transition of the marine day shift to the night shift.  Then we will have a quiet night hike back to the cars and back to camp for a much needed shower and sleep.  Kristin and Andi are responsible for today’s blog and their words will appear….but that will probably not happen until tomorrow….So until then enjoy these pictures of our mornings activities


The morning sunrise in Little Lameshur!


The view from Rams Head

???????????????????????????????The hike back down from Rams Head???????????????????????????????

All research groups are now collecting data – fun writing in the ocean!

Stay tuned – more details tomorrow


6 thoughts on “Hiking and Snorkeling both Day and Night

  1. Candy K. says:

    Oh wow! What beautiful views for hiking. Love the photos, keep them coming. 😉 wish I was in the warm tropical water snorkeling with you guys. I’m with that dad….. I’m parachuting in!

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