Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Breakfast at 6:30 in the hotel didn’t come early enough for some while others were thinking perhaps it was a bit too early.  But we needed to catch our first ride….in an airport shuttle van to the Greensboro airport.  After a quick pass through security and those lovely full body x-rays we were off and flying to Charlotte.  ???????????????????????????????

After an hour in Charlotte we grabbed our flight to St. Thomas!  So delightful to see that blue ocean after a couple hours of flying above the ocean.  When Puerto Rico appeared on the right side of the plane lots of ohhs and ahhs filled our rows!  Next form of transportation was open air taxi to catch the ferry.  The students had their first experience driving on the left side of the curvy roads.  ???????????????????????????????We really enjoyed the murals lining the main road.




We had a slow trip to the ferry for our next leg.  The seas were heaving a bit – winds are up right now in the Caribbean….


Once on St. John, found our jeeps and began the journey to Virgin Island Environmental Research Stations – VIERS our home away from home for the next 10 days.  Spaghetti dinner awaited and by 10 all of the students were in bed ready for tomorrows adventures


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