The Adventures Begin….in a pool

pool shot group smallWhile the water was blue and the water was around 80 degrees, it definitely wasn’t the Caribbean.  But the Hollins pool served as a good watering hole to practice with snorkels, masks and fins in December in preparation for our adventures in a much more southerly latitude in January.  We discovered a couple leaky masks, baffle-less snorkels, and over sized flippers – better to unearth the troubles now than in Lameshur bay in January!

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While it will be more fun to follow fish down to a coral head, everyone made it to the bottom of the pool to retrieve sunkFinal instructions smallen objects a good first step in realizing that snorkeling really isn’t that hard!    Final instructions for the winter break were to study….there are over a hundred fish to learn to recognize and a quiz awaits on January 6th!  These 17 Hollins women are no doubt up for the task!